CB&I Waste Water Solution

Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CB&I), now part of McDermott International, had a significant presence in the design and construction of liquid storage tanks. CB&I was renowned for its expertise in providing comprehensive solutions for storage tanks across various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, water, and industrial liquids.

CB&I Wastewater Systems

CB&I offered a broad range of services related to liquid storage tanks, including engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction. Their capabilities covered various types of tanks, such as atmospheric storage tanks, cryogenic storage tanks, and elevated water tanks.

They are known for designing and constructing different types of liquid storage tanks, each tailored to meet specific industry and project requirements. This included tanks for the storage of crude oil, refined products, chemicals, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and water.
Innovation and Technology:

Innovations in engineering and construction technologies to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in the fabrication and construction of storage tanks. This included advancements in materials, welding techniques, and safety measures.

Their global footprint, with projects spanning various regions worldwide. Their extensive experience allowed them to navigate diverse regulatory environments and deliver storage solutions that met international standards.

Their quality and commitment to adhering to industry standards and regulatory requirements. The company prioritized safety, environmental responsibility, and the delivery of high-quality storage solutions to its clients.