Duperon Corporation Description

Duperon is the leader in simple, adaptive screening technologies and provides solutions for coarse screening, fine screening, low flow screening, ultra screening, washing compacting and conveying.

Duperon specializes in the screening and solids separation of wastewater, stormwater and water courses.

Duperon’s FlexRake® screens are industry-leading screen equipment that adapts to the changing flow conditions. The FlexRake® screens do not have a lower fixed sprocket that eliminates rake jams with large debris.

Duperon screening and debris washing

Duperon’s Dual Auger Washer Compactor effectively washes organics off the removed screenings debris and compacts the debris (up to 84% volume reduction and 60% dry solids). The Duperon Dual Auger Washer Compactor can transport debris up to 40 feet horizontally or up vertically with their stainless steel discharge chute.

Duperon’s FlexRake® IQ2 Screen automatically adjusts the bar screen field during peak flows to accommodate the peak flows while keeping the smallest bar openings for low and average flows. No more sacrificing to have larger bar openings at average flows to accommodate screen hydraulics at peak design flow.

Duperon’s Dual Auger Screen is a vertical auger screen with vertical discharge chute that is placed on the inlet pipe in pump station wet wells or collection system structures to protect pumps from our industry’s challenges with ‘flushable wipes and rags. The discharge chute is used for storage of the removed debris. The stainless steel dual augers are self-cleaning and create a positive displacement force that pushes the removed debris up the vertical discharge chute.
Duperon continually looks to their customers to measure their performance and is committed to continue to introduce products that are simple, adaptive solutions for preliminary treatment and management of water and water resources. Duperon doesn’t want to simply meet expectations or deliver a product – Duperon seeks to truly excel in service and responsiveness that goes beyond a customers’ needs and provides solutions for their problems, today and in the future. Simply put, Duperon wants to WOW customers.

Duperon serves customers, groups, and associations that share the Duperon’s commitment to the global goal of making a difference: for people, for water, for the planet. Duperon technologies are designed and manufactured in Saginaw, Michigan and installed in North America and internationally.

Duperon asks you to bring them your Preliminary Liquids/Solids Separation Technology challenges because “You’ll Like Working With Us.”