Environment One Corporation

Environment One has been manufacturing grinder pumps and grinder pump stations since 1969 for use in sanitary sewer systems. Environment One specializes in the design of low pressure sewer systems with grinder pump stations for effective sewer systems to handle sanitary sewage wastes. Environment One is able to provide a low pressure sewer system analysis with sewer pipe sizes for each project that is used as a Basis of Sewer Design.

E-One Environment one

The Environment One grinder pump is a semi-positive displacement pump that produces a relatively constant flow over a wide range of dynamic head conditions which is ideal for a low pressure sewer system. The low pressure sewer system is often more cost effective than traditional gravity sewer systems. Environment One is able to perform a Cost Effectiveness Analysis for a sanitary sewer system comparing the cost of a low pressure sewer system to the cost of a gravity sewer system.


The Environment One grinder pump has been designed to include protection of the pump from damage and to require no routine maintenance – utilizing pressure switches within the grinder pump rather than floats.