EnviroMix BioCycle

Enhancing Wastewater Treatment with Advanced Activated Sludge Process

EnviroMix provides low energy liquid and biosolids mixing with compressed gas and process control systems for water and wastewater applications. EnviroMix’s compressed gas mixing solutions drive down energy costs, reduce operator demands and enhance process performance. The EnviroMix compressed gas mixing system is more effective and more cost effective than mixing with aeration / blower systems.


EnviroMix has developed proven mixing and process control systems that provide solutions in activated sludge treatment, flow equalization, channel mixing, septage receiving, aerobic digestion, anaerobic digestion, sludge storage, potable water storage tank mixing and water treatment flocculation. From optimizing nutrient removal to enhancing volatile solids destruction to maximizing mixing efficiency, EnviroMix’s solutions are designed with the customer in mind.

EnviroMix is focused on protecting the world’s most valuable resource – water. To protect the natural environment, EnviroMix is committed to providing solutions that enable customers to achieve energy savings while also contributing to sustainability initiatives and improved water quality.