Lakeside Equipment

Lakeside Equipment Corporation are experts in treatment equipment and process solutions since 1928. As a provider of reliable, efficient and cost-effective equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, Lakeside offers consulting engineers and plant operators a wide range of systems and products designed to provide the highest quality performance. In treatment plants through-out the U.S. and abroad, Lakeside’s equipment meets the requirements of all phases of water treatment. See how Lakeside’s quality water treatment processes can help you deliver Cleaner Water for a Brighter Future®

Lakeside Equipment Corp

Lakeside Equipment is known for its expertise in designing and manufacturing clarifiers and thickeners. These are key components in wastewater treatment systems that help in the separation of solids from liquid wastewater.

The company may offer aeration systems, which play a crucial role in promoting biological treatment processes. Aeration enhances the growth of microorganisms that help break down and treat organic pollutants in wastewater.

Offering wastewater treatment solutions may include biological treatment systems such as activated sludge processes. These systems use microorganisms to consume and break down organic matter in wastewater.

Their screening and filtration solutions to remove large debris and particles from wastewater before it undergoes further treatment processes. This helps in preventing clogs and damage to downstream equipment.

Wastewater treatment systems from Lakeside may feature advanced control and automation systems. These systems enhance the efficiency of plant operations, improve process control, and facilitate data monitoring.

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