SSI Aeration

SSI Aeration, Inc. is a company that specializes in providing innovative solutions for wastewater treatment, particularly in the areas of aeration and biological treatment. SSI Aeration, Inc. is known for its diffused aeration systems and other wastewater treatment technologies.

SSI Smart Ideas For Water

SSI Aeration is recognized for its diffused aeration systems, which are commonly used in wastewater treatment for introducing oxygen into the treatment process. This promotes aerobic biological treatment, which is essential for breaking down organic pollutants.

Offers fine-bubble diffusers as part of its aeration systems. Fine-bubble diffusers release small bubbles into the wastewater, maximizing the surface area for oxygen transfer and enhancing the efficiency of the aeration process.

In addition to fine-bubble diffusers, SSI Aeration might provide coarse-bubble diffusers for applications where larger bubbles are more suitable. Coarse-bubble aeration is often used in specific treatment scenarios.